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Bring on the polka music, alpine dancers, we’ve got it all.

Bands in the Festhall:

Saturday, September 28th from noon – 5 pm DIE IMMERGRUN MUSIKANTEN -
Traditional Volksmusik, Evergreens and Volkstümliche Musik is what the Die Immergrun Musikanten’s present.   All of the band members grew up with and share a common interest in the ethnic German, Austrian and Swiss alpine music and have been performing since 1997.

Saturday, September 27th from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm AND Sunday September 28th, 2014 from 12:30pm – 5:30pm – MIKE and the CONTINENTALS –
Mike and the Continentals have been entertaining crouds since May of 1972 featuring many different ethnic styles of polka and waltz music. They have created a special niche in the music work and have performed throughout the United States at Festivals, Dances, Concerts, Radio/TV and on several cruises.

Entertainers/Dancers in the Festhall:

Saturday, September 28th from noon – 6:00 pm – SuGTV “Washingtonia” of Washington, DC
The SuGTV “Washingtonia” of Washington, DC was formed in 1923 by five young men who immigrated to the area from Bavaria, Germany.  The Schuhplattler und Gebirgstrachten Verein – which means Shoe-slapping and Mountain Costume Club – today possesses the same love of the Bararian traditions as did the founders.
In addition to performing traditional Bavarian folk dances we also entertain with Alpine bell ringing, and feature audience participation.

Sunday, September 29th from noon – 6:00 pm –“Bairisch und Steierisch”   

The Bairisch und Steierisch is a Bavarian & Austrian Dance Company.  All of the dancers have a history of self, family and ancestors over many generations and on two continents, sharing their love of dancing from the Bavarian culture (Schuhplattler) and the Austrian culture (folk dances).  This group has entertained the entire Metropolitan Washington DC area for over 35 years.

Outside Beer Garden:
Saturday & Sunday, September 28th & 29th from noon – 5pm – Liab Und Schneid –
Liab Und Schneid is the mid Atlantic’s premier duo for authentic German Alpine Music (echte Volksmusik), the traditional entertaimnet and dance music of the mountains of Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol.

Saturday, September 28th from 5pm – 9 pm – TKO Band -

The TKO band has been performing songs from a variety of artists since 1994.  Not only does TKO play German music including polkas and waltzes, they have a great mix of Swing, Country, Rock, Jazz and much more.  TKO will satisfy all age groups.  They are going to “mix it up” in the beer garden!